Pronouns are words that can be used instead of nouns. A personal pronoun often refers to a person.

Personal pronouns have different forms for subject or object,

person (1st, 2nd, 3rd), singular or plural, male or female.



Person Subject form     Object form

1.            I                              me                                        

2.            you                        you                                      

3.            he                          him        (male)

                she                        her         (female)

                it                             it


Person Subject form     Object form

1.            we                         us

2.            you                        you

3.            they                      them


The boy visited the girl. He visited her.

he = subject form, singular, third person, male

she = object form, singular, third person, female


Mary and I met my parents yesterday. We met them yesterday.

we = subject form, plural, first person

them = object form, plural, third person