All sentences must have a verb. Verbs are either words that express being or action.

This is Mary. She plays football.

Verbs change form related to

  • tense – present, past, present perfect
  • person – first, second, third
  • number – singular, plural


Simple present tense: Something that happens regularly.

She plays football every day.  She always brings her own ball.


Present continuous tense: Something that happens right now or today, or will happen later.

She is playing football now. She is playing football tomorrow too.


Simple past tense: Something that happened yesterday or earlier.

Yesterday we played football together. Mary brought her ball this morning.


Present perfect tense: Something that has happened.

They have played football today. She has brought her football every week.


                  Infinitive          Present               Simple past       Present perfect

Regular       to play              play / plays          played                 played

Irregular      to be                am / are / is         was / were           have / has been

Irregular      to bring            bring / brings       brought                brought