Nouns are words or names for persons, places, things or ideas.

Articles: A or An

             A in front of consonant sounds: a cat, a dance, a young boy

             An in front of vowel sounds: an animal, an apple, an old man


Singular or plural: Common nouns change form when there are two or more.

Most nouns have the ending -s in plural:

                    a rat – two rats

Some nouns have the ending -es in plural:

                    a box – two boxes

Some nouns change their ending from -y to -ies in plural:

                    a story – many stories

Some nouns are irregular. They change form in plural:

                    a man – two men

                    a child – two children

                    a mouse – three mice


Proper nouns are written with a capital letter, because they are names of particular persons or places, like William, Sarah, New York and Norway.